DUTCH LADY® PureFarm Range

Brings you delicious and nutritious PureFarm range including Full Cream Milk, Milk Beverage and Instant Full Cream Milk Powder.

DUTCH LADY® Milky Milk Beverage

Special portable size of 110 mL and 180 mL are ideal for kids. Perfect to consume in and after school!

DUTCH LADY® PureFarm Meadow Milk Range

100% Fresh Meadow Milk^
Made in the Netherlands and sourced from meadow cows, providing quality milk protein and calcium.
^Made with 100% Fresh Meadow Milk

DUTCH LADY® Yoghurty Drinking Yoghurt

Naturally fermented that brings sweet & sour drinking yoghurt.

DUTCH LADY® Chocolate Milk Beverage

Rich chocolate flavour gives you rich satisfaction! 

DUTCH LADY® DHA+ Milk Beverage

Contains DHA^ and Omega-3^, Calcium, Multivitamins and Minerals which help healthy growth and development in children.
^Contains 11 mg DHA & 28 mg Omega-3 per 100 mL

DUTCH LADY® Milk Cereal+ Instant Milk Cereal Drink

The rich milky aroma with cereal flakes giving you rich layers of tastes. Together with 18 important nutrients and high in dietary fibre, making a great nutritious breakfast choice for you!